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yedek sayfa

                                          DUA INDEX (Total 101 Duas)

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 1-10

No. 1

Doa while using khake shifa 

No. 2

While eating khake shifa 

No. 3

While building new house

No. 4

While leaving house for special work/object/purposes

No. 5

While salvation of worldly and spiritual tasks at the time of leaving house 

No. 6

At the Time of wearing jewels 

No. 7

Whenever one sits in gathering 

No. 8

While on hill or on great height

No. 9

For avoiding bad omens for travellers 

No. 10

Before starting journey 


duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 11-20

No. 11

For talisman to be keep by traveller 

No. 12

For a traveller’s family 

No. 13

When anyone loses way 

No. 14

At the time of visiting a dangerous place 

No. 15

At the time of arrival in new place 

No. 16

For safety from robbers 

No. 17

Dua’a & prayer at the time of storm in the sea 

No. 18

For safety from drowning 

No. 19

Dua’a after every prayer 

No. 20

An excellent invocation Doa ‘After morning prayer 

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 21-30

No. 21

Dua’a after Zohar prayers 

No. 22

Dua’a after Asr prayer 

No. 23

Dua’a after Maghrib prayer 

No. 24

Doa after isha prayer 

No. 25

For preservation of faith 

No. 26

For true belief for one’s family 

No. 27

For offering thanks for the bounties bestowed by Allah 

No. 28

For limitless heavenly reward 

No. 29

Dua’a for reward of Paradise 

No. 30

For hereafter 

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 31-40

No. 31

Doa for all night ibadat 

No. 32

For sawab of whole night ibadat 

No. 33

For seeking forgiveness of sins (Dua’a in Sajdah) 

No. 34

For great sawab and protection from major sins 

No. 35

For sawab, forgiveness, protection from great sins and sawab for reciting 12 Qurans. 

No. 36

For protection from Hell 

No. 37

For safety from enemy 

No. 38

For protection of self and wealth 

No. 39

For recovery of misplaced or lost thing. 

No. 40

For scorpion bite

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 41-50

No. 41

For release from prison

No. 42

For avoiding bad thoughts and temptation 

No. 43

Dua’a For avoiding temptation & greed 

No. 44

Dua’a for avoiding bad dreams 

No. 45

Dua’a for not getting afraid in sleep 

No. 46

For marriage proposal 

No. 47

For Love (wife & husband) 

No. 48

For love (wife & husband) 

No. 49

For Love (wife & husband) 

No. 50

For obedience 


duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 51-60

No. 51

For getting a child 

No. 52

For getting a child 

No. 53

For getting a child 

No. 54

For easy and safe delivery of child 

No. 55

For avoiding early deaths of children 

No. 56

Dua’a for aqiqa of child 

No. 57

At the time of circumcision

No. 58

For increase of breast milk 

No. 59

For wealth & prosperity

No. 60

For wealth & prosperity 

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 61-70

No. 61

For increase in sustenance 

No. 62

For increase of sustenance 

No. 63

For disbursement of debts 

No. 64

For removal of poverty and worries 

No. 65

For removing worries 

No. 66

For warding off calamities 

No. 67

Dua for safeguard from drowning/burning 

No. 68

Dua After every prayer 

No. 69

Dua and prayers for getting a child 

No. 70

Dua for getting a child 

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 71-80

No. 71

Dua’a for getting a child 

No. 72

For safety of pregnancy 

No. 73

For safety of pregnancy and avoiding abortion 

No. 74

For easy deliver of child

No. 75

For easy teething 

No. 76

For cure of the child eating dust 

No. 77

For excessive weeping child 

No. 78

For increase in sustenance 

No. 79

For increasing memory 

No. 80

For learning quran by heart 

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 81-90

No. 81

For banishing the effect of black magic 

No. 82

For protection from satan and enchantment 

No. 83

For repelling devil and dispelling magic 

No. 84

For security against witchcraft 

No. 85

For cure of all diseases 

No. 86

For all diseases and for all purposes 

No. 87

For cure from all diseases 

No. 88

For increase in business 

No. 89

To Be recited at the time of going to market 

No. 90

To be recited when one sets in his shop 

duaicon.jpg  Arciheve 91-101

No. 91

At the Time of Purchase

No. 92

At the time of purchase 

No. 93

For the safety o the store

No. 94

For all purposes

No. 95

Moosa Kazim (a.s.) doa for all puposes 

No. 96

For all purposes 

No. 97

For saving from sqeeze of grave 

No. 98

To be recited a the time of death 

No. 99

To be recited at the time of death 

No. 100

To be recited by 40 momins at death body of a momin 

No. 101

While entering the grave yard

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