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yedek sayfa

Firstly , Reform yourself.Dont blame anyone.

The Expansion of Islam and Pr.Mohammad!


If we want to change this society , if we want to effect this society we have to firstly affect ourselves.Dont point any body!Because when you point somebody , there are three fingers pointing back to you! Dont blame anyone.Blame yourself! They Tried to Kill Prophet Yunus as well , bu he didnt complain and he didnt blame anybody.The water did not drown him ! He didnt blame the wale as well.The only thing he said was, "La ilahe illah anta subhaneke inny kuntum minezzaliymn!" When you sincerely blame your self you will change yourself! Allah Protected Prophet Yunus.He ordered the wale to swallow him.He was leaven to the nearest shore.The other fact, When you get swallowed by a whale , there wouldnt be any air.You will succificate.Also there is very intense amount of acid in his stomac .But Allah Protected him! He said ,there is no god except Allah.And Dua was the right formular.


If we want Those people who were around mohammed,who obeyed,who loved the messenger Mohammed...They were strangers,Proh.Mohammed has said ; this religion began as a stranger so it will return again as s stranger! So welcome to those strangers!!!We are strangers.He was known as al-amin (trustfull) . They knew he was the son of abdulhamid. And allah ordered him to follow his quran and to obey his rules.They though he was saying something strange. What he said was you know me ; if I tell you that an army behind this mountain is coming towards us will you believe me ? They said yes! Then im now telling you the din(islam) of Allah is the right relegion! So believe me


In Mekka ,where he was born , he was known as al-amin.They killed his followers,they tortured his followers...But when they entered his home to kill him , they couldnt find him.They rather found his cousan Ali . He left Ali so that he can return back the properties that Prophet was keeping for people!Because he was trustfull , and he was solutious... \\\/// In this Video you will learn more about Prophet mohammed. You will learn everything about mohammed and his attitudes.


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