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Read Cevsen-ul Kebir and get Protected by Allah! May Allah protect us!

1) For Success in Difficult Works:
"Alla-Houma Inni As'aloka Be-lsmeka Yaa Allaho, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahimo, Ya Karimo, Ya Moqimo, Ya 'Azimo, Ya Qadimo, Ya 'Alimo, Ya Halimo, Ya Hakeemo."

O' Allah! I beseech Thee in Thy Own name.
O' AI'ah! O' the most Merciful! O' the Bountiful! O' the Self-Subsisting! O' the Great! O' the Eternal Being! O' the Omniscient! O' the Forbearing, O' the Wisest!

(2) For Victory & Prosperity
Ya Syyedas-sada-te, Ya Mojeebad-da'vate, Ya Rafe'ad-darajate, Ya Vali-yal hasanate,
Ya Ghaferal-Khati'ate, Ya Mo'ti-yal Mas'alate Ya Qabi-Iat-tavbate, Ya Same'al-Asvate, Ya 'Alemal-Khafi-yate, Ya Dafe'al Bali yate
O' the Chief of all Chiefs! O' the Acceptor of Prayers! O' the Elevator of Ranks! O' the Master of Virtues! O' the Forgiver of sins!
O' the Grantor of Requests! O' the Acceptor of Penance! O' the Hearer of all voices! 0' one who knows all mysteries! O' the Remover of calamities:

(3) For Victory & Dignity
Ya Khairal Ghafereena, Ya Khairal-Fate-heena, Ya Khairan-Nasereena, Ya Khairal-
Hakemeena, Ya Khairar-Razeqeena, Ya Khairal-Vareseena, Ya Khairal-Hamedeena, Ya Khairaz-Zakereena, Ya Khairal-Moonzeleena, Ya Khairal-Mohseneena.
O' the Best of Forgivers! O' the Best of Deciders! O' the Best of helpers! O' the Best of Rulers! 0' the Best of Providers of sustenance! O' the Best of Heirs! O' the Best of Praisers! O' the Best of those who remember! O' the Best of Dischargers! O' the Best of

(4) For Grandeur in Life and Life Hereafter
Ya Man Lahool'lzzato Val-Jamalo, Ya Man Lahool-Qoodrato Val-Kamalo, Ya Man
Lahool-Moolko Val-Jalalo, Ya Man Hoval Kabeerol-Moota'alo, Ya Moonshi'as-sahabis-
Seqale, Ya Man Hova Shadeedol- Mehale, Ya Man Hova Saree'ool Hisabe, Ya Man Hova Shadeedool 'Iqabe, Ya Man  'Indahoo Hoosnas Savabe, Ya Man 'Indahoo Oommool Kitabe.
O' one for Whom is all the Glory and Virtue! O' one for Whom is all Might and Perfection! O' one for Whom is Majesty! O' one Who is Great and Supreme! O' the Creator of heavy clouds' O' one Who is the Mightiest! O' one Who is the inflictor of severest punishment! O' one Who is quick in reckoning! O' one with Whom is the excellent reward! O' one with Whom is Oommool-Kitab (the Original Book)!

(5) For Honour & Exaltation and Expedition of Important Affairs
(Optional- To be recited 40 times).
Alla-Hoomma Inni Asa'aloka Be-lsmeka Ya Hannano, Ya Mannano, Ya Dyyano, Ya
Boorhano, Ya Sooltano, Ya Rizvano, Ya Ghoofrano, Ya Sobhano, Ya Moosta'ano, Ya
Zal-Manne Val-Be-Yane:
O' Allah! Verily I ask Thee in Thy name O' the Kind! O' the Benevolent! O' the Requitor! O' the Bright sign! O' the King! O' the Gratifier! O' the Forgiver! O' Free from defects! O' Helper of the helpless! O' the Master of Blessings and the Manifestor or things!

(6) For Blessings & Promotion in Ranks
Ya Man Tavaze'a Koollo Shai'in Le, Azmatehi, Ya Manis-taslama Koollo Shai'in
Le-Qoodratehi, Ya Man Zalla Koollo Shai'in le-'izzatehi, Ya Man Khaza'a Koollo Shai'in
Le-Haibatehi, Ya Man Inqade Koolo Shai'in M in-Khas-ya-tehi, Ya Man Tashaqqa-til-Jebalo Min Makhafatehi, Ya Man Qamatis-Samavato Be-Amrehi. Ya Manis-Taqarratil-Arzoona Be-Iznehi, Ya Myn-Yosabbehoor-Ra'do Be-Hamdehi, Ya Mal-Ia Ya'tadi ' Alaa Ahle Mamlokatehi.

O' one before Whose Greatness bows every thing! O' one before Whose might everything
is humble! 0' one Whose might overawes everything into submission O' one to Whom everything submits out of fear! O' one Whom everything obeys out of fear! O' one out of Whose fear mountains break into fragments! O' one by Whose command the heavenly vaults are supported! O' one by Whose order the earth is in equilibrium! O' one Whose praise the thunder (of clouds) recites! O' He Who is never cruel to His slaves!

(7) For Removal of Calamities & Promotion in Ranks
Ya Ghaferal-Khataya. Ya Kashefal Balaya-Ya Moontahar-Rajaya, Ya Moojzelal-' Ataya,
Ya Vahebal-Hadaya, Ya Razeqal-Baraya,Ya Qazeyal-Munaya. Ya Same ash Shakaya, Ya Ba'esal-Baraya, Ya Mootlaqal-Oosara.
O' He Who pardons errors! O' He Who dispels! O' He Who is the goal of all hopes! O' one profusely generous! O' the bestower of bounties! O' Provider of all creatures with sustenance! O' the Judge of creatures! O' the Hearer of complaints! O' the Resurrector of creatures! O' the Releaser of prisoners!

(8) For Protection from Chastisement in this life and in life hereafter
Ya Zal Hamde Vas-Sanaa'ay, Ya Zal-Fakhre Val-Bahaa'ay, Ya Zal-Majde Vas-Sanaa'ay
Ya Zal' Ahde Val-vafaa'ay Ya Zal-' Afvay Var-Rizaa-'ay, Ya ZalManne Val'Ataa'ay, Ya
Zal-Fazle Val-Qazaa'ay, Ya Zal-izze Val-Baqaa'ay, Ya Zal-Joode Vas-sakhaa'ay Ya Zal-Alaa'ay Van-na-maa'ay

O' to Whom is due all praise and adoration! O' the proud and the Preeminent! O' the Honoured and of Elevated Rank! O' the Maker of Promises and their Fulfiller! O' the Most Generous and Agreeable! O' the Benefactor and Bestower 0' the Master of Kindness and Judgement O' the Giorious and Eternall O' the Most Munificent and the Most Generous! O' the Master of plentifui bounties!

(9) For Removal from Fear and Diseases
Alla-Hoomma Inni As'aioka Be-Ismeka,Ya Mane'o, Ya Da-fe'o, Ya Rafe'o Ya Saneo Ya Nafe'o, Ya Same'o, Ya Jame'o Ya Shafe'o Ya Vase'o, Ya Moos"se'o.

O' Allah! Verily I beg Thee in Thy name O' the Preventor of misfortune I O' the Remover of calamities! O' the Elevator of ranks I O' the Creator I O' the Benefiter ! O' the Hearer I O' the Aggregator! O' the Intercessor! O' the Bounteous! O' the Increaser of blessings!

(10) For Acceptance of Duties
Ya Sane'o Koolle Masnoo'in, Ya Khaliqa Koolle Makhlooqin.
Ya Razeq-a Kolle Marzooqin, Ya Maleka Koolle Mamlookin.
Yo Kashefa Koolle Makroobin, Ya Fareja Koolle Mahmoomin
Ya Rahema Koolle Marhoomin,Ya Nasira Koolle Makhzoolin.
Ya Satira Koolle Ma'yoobin, Ya Malja Koolle Matroodin.

O' the Maker of all things! O' the Creator of all creatures! O' the Provider with sustenance to all those (creature) who receive it! O' the Master of all slaves! O' the Expeller of all hardships! O' the Gratifier of all those stricken with sorrow! O' the Merciful to ail those who deserve mercy! O' the helper of all those who are downcaste and in disgrace!
O' the Concealer of defects of all defectives! O' the Shelter for all out-caste:

(11) For Protection from Vice and increase in Sustenance:
Ya Ooddati 'Inda Shiddati, Ya Rajaa'ee Inda Moosibati,
Ya Moonesi 'Inda Vah-shati, Ya Sahebi Inda Ghoorbati,
Ya Valiye 'Inda Ne'mati, Ya Gheyasi Inda Koorbati, Ya Daleeli 'Inda Hairati, Ya Ghenaa'ee Indaf-teqari Ya Mal-Jaa'ee 'inda Iztarari, Ya Mooghisi 'Inda Mafza'ee.

O' my Trustee in hardship! O' the Source of my hope in every misfortune! O' my Companion in my isolation! O' my Companion in my journey! O' my Friend in ease! O' my Rescuer from hardships! O' my Guide in my deviation! O' my Resource in my indigence! O' my Shelter in my helplessness! O' my Helper in fear!

(12) For Protection from Calamities and for Good Fortune
Ya ' Allamal Ghoyoobe, Ya Ghaffaraz-zonoobe Ya Sattaral 'Oyoobe,
Ya Kashefal-Koroobe,Ya Moqal-lebal-Qoloobe.
Ya Tabibool.Qoloobe a Moonav-veral-Qoloobe
Ya Aneesal-Qoloobe,Ya Mofarrejal-Homoome.
Ya Moonaf-fesal-Ghomoome; Sobhanaka.

O' one Who knows the concealed (objects and affairs)! O' the Forgiver of sins! O' the Concealer of defects! O' the Expeller of pains! O' the Changer of hearts! O' the Brightener of hearts! O' the Physician of hearts! O' the Friend of hearts!
O' the Dispeller of worries (and fear)! O' the Liberator from griefs!

(13) For Removal of Eye Pain
Alla-hooma Inni Asa'aloka Be-lsmeka, Ya Jaleelo, Ya Jameelo,
Ya Vakeelo, Ya Kafeelo, Ya Daleelo, Ya Qabeelo, Ya Modeelo,
Ya Moneelo, Ya Moqeelo Ya Moheelo, .

O' Allah! Verily I beg Thee in Thy name, O' the Grand! O' the Virtuous! O' the Protector! O' the Patron! O' the Guide! O' the Guarantor of sustenance! O' the Bestower of wealth! O' the Bestower of blessings! O' the Giver of strength! O' the Acceptor (of apology)!

(14) For Increase of Wealth
Ya Daleelol-Motahy-yareena, Ya Gheyasal-Mostaghiseena, Ya Saree-Khal-Moostasre-
kheena, Ya Jaral-Moostajeereena, Ya Amanal-Khaa'e-feena, Ya Avnal-Mo'meneena, Ya
Rahemal Masakeena, Ya Mal-jaa'al' Aseena, Ya Ghaferal-Mooznebeena, Ya Mojeeba,
O' the Guide of the waylaid! O' the Rescuer of those who appeal to Thee! O' the Helper of those who call Thee for help! O' the Helper of those who seek Thy help! O' the Shelter of the afraid! O' the Helper of the faithful: O' the Merciful to the indigent! O' the Refuge for (even) the disobedient! O' the Forgiver of the sinful! O' the Responder to the call of the nonplussed!

(15) For Increase of Blessings
Ya Zal-joode Val-Ehsane, Ya Zal-fazle Val-Imtenane, Ya Zal-Amne Val-Amane, Ya Zal-qoodse Vas-Sobhane, Ya Zal-Hikmate Val-Bay-ane, Ya Zar-Rahmate Var-Rizvane, Ya Zal-Hoojjate Val-Boorhane, Ya Zal ' Azmate Vas-Sooltane, Ya Zar-Rafate Val-Moosta'ane, Ya Zal-'Afve Val-Ghoofrane, Sobhanaka.

O' the Master of liberality and beneficence! O' the Gracious and Obliger! O' the Granter of peace and security! O' the Holy and above all defects! O' the Master of wisdom and manifestation! O' the Master of Mercy and satisfaction! O' the Master of argument and proof! O' the Master of grandeur and royalty! O' the Kind and the Helpful! O' the Pardoner and Forgiver!

(16) For Solution of Problems
Ya Man Hova Rabbo Koolle Shai'in, Ya Man Hova Ilaho Koolle Shai'in, Ya Man Hova
Khaleqo Koolle Shai'in, Ya Man Hova Saleho Koole Shai'in, Ya Man Hova Qable Koolle Shai'in, Ya Man Hova Ba'da Koolle Shai'in, Ya Man Hova Favqa Koolle
Shai'in, Ya Man Hova ' Alemoon Be-Koole Shai'in, Ya Man Hova Qaderoon ' Ala Koolle
Shai'in, Ya Man Hova Yabqa Wa Yafna Koolle Shai'in :

O' One Who is the Overlord of all! O' one Who is the Deity worshipped by all! O' One Who is the Creator of everything! O' One Who is the Designer of everything! O' one Who precedes (in existence) everything! O' One Who shall continue existing even after everything is perished! O' one Who is above everything! O' one Who has the knowledge of everything! O' one Who hath Power over everything! O' one Who is Eternal while everything else will perish!

(17) For All Difficult Affairs
Alla-hooma Inni As'aloka Be-lsmeka, Ya Mo'meno Ya Mohaimeno,
Ya Makav-vino' Ya Molaq-qano,Ya Mobyyeno Ya Mohav-veno.
Ya Momak-kino, Ya Mozyyeno, Ya Mo'al-leno, Mooqas-simo;

O' Allah! Verily I beseech Thee in Thy name O' the Bestower of peace! O' the Protector! O' the creator! O' the Imparter of knowledge! O' the Manifester! O' the Facilitator! O' the Provider of space! O' the Decorator! O' the Proclaimer! O' the Distributor!

(18) For Increase of Sustenance
Ya Man Hova Fee Moolkehi Moqeemoon, Ya Man Hova Fee Sooltanehi Qadeemon, Ya
Man Hova Fee Jalalehi ' Azimoon, Ya Man Hova 'Ala 'Ibadehi Rahimoon, Ya Man Hova
Be-Koolle Shai'in 'Alimoon, Ya Man Hova Be-Man A'saho Halimoon, Ya Man Hova Be-Man Rajaaho'Karimoon, Ya Man Hova Fee ISoon'ehi Hakimoon, Ya Man Hova Fee Hikmatehi Lateefoon, Ya Man Hova Fee Lootfehi Qadeemoon:

O' the Everlasting in His kingdom! O, the Eternal in His sovereignty! O' the Greatest in
His grandeur! O' the AII-Merciful on His slaves! O' Who hath the Knowledge of everything! O' the For bearing towards him who disobeys Him! O' the Magnanimous to him who entertains hope from him! O' the Wisest in His creation! O' the
Subtle in His wisdom! O' the Eternal in His Benignity!

(19) For Promotion in Ranks
Ya Mal-Ia Yoorja Ilia Fazlahoo, Ya Man La Yoos'alo Ilia' Afvohoo, Ya Mal-Ia Yoonzaro
Ilia Birroho, Ya Man La Yokhafo Ilia' Adlohoo, Ya Man la Yadoomo Ilia Moolkahoo, Ya Mal-Ia Soolta-na Ilia Sooltanohoo, Ya Man Vase'at Koolla Shai'in Rahmatohoo, Ya Man Sabaqat Rahmatahoo Ghazaba hoo, Ya Man Ahata Be-koolle Shai'in '1Imohoo, Ya Man laisa Ahadoom-Mislohoo;

O' the one from Whom no hope is entertained but of His Grace! O' the one from Whom nothing is begged Save His Pardon! O' the One from Whom nothing is seen but His Virtue! O' the one of Whom there is no fear but of His Justice! O' the One Whose sovereignty (alone) is Eternal and of no one else! O' the one Who is the Real King and norle else! O' the one Whose blessings extend to all! O' the one Whose Wrath is surpassed by His Mercy! O' the one Whose knowledge encompasseth everything! O' the One who has no equal!

(20) For Removing of Worries and Having Happiness and Blessings
Ya Farejal-Hamme, Ya Kashefal-Ghamme, Ya Ghaferaz Zambe, Ya Qabelat-tavbe, Ya
Khaleqal-Khalqe, Ya Sadeq'al-Va'de Ya Moo-fil-'Ahde' Ya ' Alemas-sirre, Ya Faleqal-Habbe, Ya Razeqal-Aname;

O' the Remover of worry! O' the Expeller of sorrow! O' the Forgiver of sins! O' the Acceptor of repentance! O' the Creator of Creature! O' the Truthful In promise! O' the Fulfiller of promise! O' the Knower of secrets! O' the Splitter of seed O' the Provider of sustenance to creatures!

(21) For Forgiveness of Sins
Alla-hooma Inni As'aloka Be-lsmeka Ya Ali-yo, Ya Vafi-yo,
Ya Ghani-yo, Ya Mali-yo, Ya Khafi-yo, Ya Razi-yo, Ya Zaki-yo,
Ya Badi-yo, Ya Qavi-yo, Ya Vali-yo;

O' Allah! Verily I ask Thee in Thy name, O' the High! O' the Perfect! O' the Independent! O' the Rich! O' the Kind! O' the Agreeable! O' the Purifier of soul! O' the Eternal! O' the Mighty! O' the Friend!

(22) For Increase of Sustenance
Ya Man Azharal-Jameel Wa Ya Man Sattaral-Qabeeha Wa Ya Mal-lam Yoo'akhaz Bil-
Jarirate Wa Ya Man-lam Yahtekas-sitra, Ya, Azimal-' Afvene, Ya Hasanat-tajavooze, Ya
Vase'al-Maghfirate, Ya Basital Yadaine Bir-Rahmat, Ya Saheba Koolle Najva, Ya Moontaha Koolle Shakva;

O' the one Who reveals the virtue! and O' the one Who concealeth the vice! and O' the One Who does not call (His slave) to severe account for sins! and O' the one Who does not tear the curtain (of His slaves) to disgrace them! O' the Best of forgivers! O' the one Who graciously omits to take notice (of vice)! O' the one Whose forgiveness is extensive!
O' the Stretcher of both the hands with Mercy! O' the Knower of all secrets! O' the Destination of all complaints!

(23) For Increase of Beneficence
Ya Zan-ne'matis Sabeghate, Ya Zar-Rahmatil-Vase'ate, Ya Zal-Minnatis-Sabeqate, Ya Zal-Hikmatil-Baleghate, Ya Zal-Qoodratil-Kamelate, Ya Zal-Hoojjatil-Qate'ate, Ya Zal-Kara-matiz-zahirate, Ya Zal'lzzatid-daa'emate, Ya Zal-Qoovatil-Matinate, Ya Zal 'Azamatil-Mani'ate;

O' the Master of Countless blessings! O' the Master of limitless mercy! O' the Master Surpassing obligations! O' the Master of perfect Wisdom! O' the Master of infinite might! (The Almighty!) O, the Master of decisive (unconstradictable) argument! O' the Master of manifest deeds of miraculous nature! O' the Master of perpetual prestige! O' the Master of great strength! O' the Master of unsurpassable glory?

(24) For the Pleasure of Allah
Ya Badias-samavate, Ya Ja'elaz-zolomate, Ya Rahemal'abarate, Ya Moqeelal-Asarate,
Ya Sateral' Avrate, Ya Mohi-yal-Amvate, Ya Moonzelal-Ayate, Ya Mooze'efal Hasanate, Ya Ma Heyas-Syyate, Ya Shadeed-an-naqemate:

O' the Creator of heavens! the Maker of darkness ! O' Merciful to those who weep and wail! O' He who possess over slips and errors! O' the Concealer of dafects! O' the Revivor of the dead! O' the Revealer of the signs! O' the Increaser of virtues! O' the Effacer of vices! O' the one Who calls to severe account!

(25) For Removal of Misfortune and for Gaining Good Fortune
Alla-Hoomma Inni As'aloka Be-lsmeka, Ya Moosav-viro. Ya Moqaddiro, Ya Modabbiro,
Ya Motah-hiro, Ya Monav-viro Ya Moyas-siro, Ya Mobash-shiro, Ya Moonaz-ziro, Ya Moqad-dimo, Ya Mo'akh-khiro:

O' Allah! Verily I beg Thee in Thy names. O' the Fashioner! O' the Foreordainer! O' the
Planner! O' the Purifier! O' the Brightener! O' the Felicitator! O' the Giver of glad tidings! O' the Warner! O' the Giver of precedence! O, the Postponer!

(26) For Cure of Fever
Ya Rabbal-Baitil-Harame. Ya Rabbish-Shahril-Harame, Ya Rabbal-Ba-Iadil-Harame,Ya Rabbar-Rookne Val Maqame, Ya Rabbal-Mash'aril Harame, Ya Rabbal-Masjedil-Harame, Ya Rabbil-Hille Val-Harame, Ya Rabban-noore Vaz-zalame, Ya Rabbat-tahi-yate Vas-salame, Ya Ra-bbal-Qoodrate Fil-Aname:

O' Lord of the Holy House (Ka' ba)! O' Lord of the Holy month! O' Lord of the Holy City (Mecca) ! O' Lord of Rukn and Maqame! O' Lord of Mash'aril Haraame (the place where the Hajis-Pilgrims to Mecca.offer prayers and. sacrifice)! O' Lord of Masjedil Haraame (the holy mosque of Mecca)! O' Lord of the lawful and the forbidden! O' Lord of light and darkness! O' Lord of salutation and peace! O' Lord of Strength among creatures!

(27) For Fear from Rulers and Officers
(Optional - 20 times).
Ya Ahkamal- Hakemeena Ya A' dalal-' Adeleena, Ya Asdaqas-Sadeqeena, Ya Atharat- Tahereena, Ya Ahsanal-Khaleqeena, Ya Asra'al-Hasebeena, Ya Asma'as-Same'eena, Ya Absaran-Nazereena, Yahfa'ash-Shaafe'eena, Ya Akramal-Akrammena:

O' the Highest Authority of all the authorities! O' the Most Just of the Judges! O' the Trust of the true! O' the Purest of the pure! O' the Best of creators! O' the Quickest Reckoner! O' the Best of listeners! O' the Most vigilant of the invigilators! O' the Best of intercessors! O' the Most Honourable of all!

(28) For Cure of Temple Headache
Ya 'Imada Man Laa 'Imadalahoo, Ya Sanada Mal la Sanadalahoo,
Ya Zokhra Man La Zookhralahoo, Ya Hirza Man La Hirzalahoo,
Ya Ghiasa Man L.a Ghiasalahoo, Ya Fakhra Man La Fakhralahoo,
Ya 'Izza Man La 'Izzalahoo, Ya Mo'eena Man La Mo'eenalahoo,
Ya Aneesa Man Laa Aneesalahoo, Ya Amana Man Laa Amanalahoo

O' the Supporter of the unsupported! O' the Helper of the helpless! O' the Protector of the
Unprotected! O' the Shield of the defenseless! O' the Hearer of the appeal of one who is unheard! O' the Pride of the prideless! O' the Honour of the honourless! O' the Giver of aid to the unaided! O' the Friend of the forsaken! O' the Shelter of the shelterless!

(29) For Archery
Alla-Hoomma Inni As'aloka Be-Ismeka Ya 'Asimo, Qaa'emo,
Ya Daa'emo, Ya Rahimo, Ya Salimo Ya Hakimo, ' Alimo,
Ya Qa-simo, Ya Qa-bizo, Ya Basito:

O' Allah! Verily I beseech Thee in Thy name, O' the protector! O' the Persistent! O' the Eternal! O' the Merciful! O' the Accorder of Peace! O' the Ruler! O' the Scient! O' the Distributor! O' the Preventor! O' the Opener!

(30) For Success in War
Ya 'Asima Manis-ta'samahoo, Ya Rahema Manis-tar-hamahoo, Ya Ghafira Manis-tagh-
firahoo, Ya Nasira Manis-tansarahoo, Ya Hafeza Manis-tah fazahoo Ya Mookrema
Manis-tak-ramahoo, Ya Moorshida Manis-tar-shadahoo, Ya Sareekha Manis-tas-rakhahoo, Ya Mo'eeno Manis-ta'anahoo, Ya Mogheesa Monis-taghasahoo:

O' the Protector of the seeker of His protection! O' the Merciful to him who begs for His
Mercy! O' the Forgiver of the seeker of His forgiveness! O' the Helper of the seeker of His help! O' the Protector of the seeker of His protection! O' the Magnanimous to him who appeals to His magnanimity! O' the Guide of the seeker of His guidance! O' the Giver of aid to the seeker of His aid! O' the Giver of assistance to the seeker of His
Assistance! O' the Rescuer of the person who appeals to Him!

(31) For Cure of Eye Sore
Ya 'Azizol La Yoozamo, Ya Latifal La Yooramo, Ya Qyyoomal La Yanamo, Ya Daa-
emal La Yafooto, Ya Hyyal La Yamooto, Ya Malikal La Yazoolo, Ya Baqi-yal La Yafna Ya ' Alemal La Yajhalo, Ya Samadal La Yoot'amo, Ya Qavi-yal La Yoz'afo :

O' the Powerful who is never over-powered! , O' the Benign Who is invisible! O' the Self
Subsistent who never sleeps! O' the Eternal Who will never perish! O' the Ever-Iiving Who will never die! O' the King Whose rule is endless! O' tee Eternal Who is imperishable! O' the Scient Who never forgets! O' the Independent Who needs
no sustenance! O' the Mighty Who never grows weak!

(32) For Success over Enemies
Alla-homma Inni As'aloka Be-lsmeka, Ya Ahado, Ya Vahido, Ya Shahido, , Ya Majido, Ya Hamido Ya Rashido, Ya Ba'eso, Ya Variso, Ya Zaar-ro, Ya Nafe'o.
O' Allah! Verily I beseech Thee in Thy name O' the Single! O' the One! O' the Present! O' the Praiser! O' the Exalted' O' the Guide! O' the Raiser (of the dead)! O' the Heir! O' the Harmful (to the unjust)! O' the Beneficial (to the just):

(33) For Attendance to Rulers
Yaa A'zama Min Koolle 'Azimin, Ya Akrama Min Koolle Karimin, Yaa Arhamar Min Koolle Rahimin, Yaa A'lam Min Koolle 'Alimin Ya Ahkama Min Koolle Hakimin, Yaa Aqdama Min Koolle Qadimin, Yaa Akbara Min Koolle Kabirin, Yaa Altafa Min Koolle Latifin, Yaa Ajalla Min Koolle Jaleelin, Yaa A'azza Min Koolle ' Azizin:

O' the Grander of all the grand! O' the More Magnanimous than all the magnanimous! O' the Most Merciful of all the merciful! O' the Possessor of greater knowledge than all others! O' the Wisest of all the wise! O' the Most Ancient of all the ancient! O' the Greatest of all the great! O' the Benignest of all the benign! O' the Most Magnificent
of all the magnificent! O' the Mightiest of all the Mighty!

(34) For Safety from Jins in Nights
Ya Ka-rimas-Safhe, Ya ' Azimool-Manne, Ya Kaseeral-Khaire,
Ya Qadimal-Fazle, Ya Daa'emal-lootfe, Ya latifas-soon'ay,
Ya Moonaf-fesal-Karbe, Ya Kashifaz-Zorre, Ya Malekal-Moolke,
Ya Kaazeyal-Haqqe:

O' the Most Magnanimous in overlooking sins! O' the Greatest Benefactor! O' thee Most Bounteous in goodness! O' the Eternal in grace! O' the Creator of Fine! O' the Remover of paIn! O' the Healer of injury! O' the Master of dominion! O' the Right Judge!

(35) For Cure of Toothache
Ya Man Hova Fee 'Ahdehi Wa Fi-yoon, Ya Man Hova Fee Wafaa'ehi Qavi, Ya Man Hova Fee Qoovatehi 'Ali, Ya Man Hova Fee Oloovehi Qariboon, Ya Man Hova Fee Qoorbehi Latifoon, Ya Man Hova Fee
Lootfehi Sharifoon, Ya Man Hova Fee Sharafehi 'Azizoon Ya Man Hova Fee 'Izzehi 'Azimoon, Ya Man Hova Fee 'Azamatehi Majidoon, Ya Man Hova Fee Majidehi Hamidoon

O' the one Who fulfils His promise! O' One Who is great in His Might! O' the One Who is the near everyone inspite of His Greatness! O' the One Who is benign in His Wearness! O' the One Who is noble in Thy Benignity! O' the One Who is Powerful in His Nobility! O' the one Who is Great in His Power! O' the one Who is Exalted in His Greatness! O' the one Who is Praiseworthy in His Exaltation!

(36) For Safeguard from Jins
Alla-Hoomma Inni As'aloka Be-lsmeka, Ya Kafi, Ya Shafi, Ya Vafi Ya Mo'afi, Ya Hadi,
Ya Da'ee, Ya Qazi, Ya Razi, Ya A'Ali, Ya Baqi:

O' Allah! Verily I beseech Thee in Thy name. O' the sufficient! O' the Restorer to health! O' he Faithful! O' the Forgiver! O' the Guide! O' he Summoner! O' the Judge! O' the Agreeable! O' the High! O' the Eternal!

(37) To Conquer the War:
Ya Man Koollo Shai'in Khaze'oon Lahoo, Ya Man Koollo Shai'in KhaShe'oon Lahoo,, Ya Man Kooflo Shai'in Kaa'enoon Lahoo, Ya Mail Koollo Shai'in Mavjoodoon Lahoo, Ya Man Koollo Shai'in Moneeboon Ilahi, Ya Man Koollo Shai'in Khaa'efoon Minho,  Ya Man Koollo Shai'in Qaa'emoon Behi, Ya Man Koollo Shai'in Saa'eroon Ilaihe Ya Man Koolloo Shai'in Yoosabbeho Be-Hamdehi, Ya Man Koollo Shai'in Halekoon IlIa Vajho-hoo:

O' the One before Whom everything is bowing! O' the One before Whom everything is humbling! O' the One for Whom everything exists! O' the One to Whom everything owes its existence! O' the One to Whom everything returns! O' the One of Whom everything is afraid! O' the One to Whom everything owes its stability! O' the One towards Whom everything retreats! O' the One Whom everything glorifies with praise! O' the one besides Whom everything is perishable!

(38) For Help of Almighty God
Ya Man La Mofarra Illaa Ilaihe, Ya Man La Moofzela Illaa llaihe, Ya Man La Ma qsada
Illaa llaihe, Ya Man La Manja Minho Illaa llaihe, Ya Man La Yarghab Illaa llaihe, Ya
Man La Havla Va La Qoovata Illaa Behi, Ya Man La Yoosta ano Illaa Behi, Ya Man La
Yatavak-kalo Illaa ' Alaihe, Ya Man La Yoorja Illaa Hova, Ya Man La Ya'bodo Illaa Hova

O' the One! there is no retreat but towards Him, O' the One! there is no place of protection except with him. O' the One! there is no right path except that which leads to him. O' the One! there is no shelter against Him but with Him, O' the One! there is no inclination towards anyone except Him. O' the one! there is no inclination towards
anyone except Him. O' the One! there is no strength and vigour but from Him O' the One! none is invoked for help but He O' lord! trust is not reposed unto anyone but Thee O' lord! hope is not entertained from anyone except from Thee. O' lord! none is Worshipped except Thee!

(39) For Success Over Enemy
Ya Khairal-Marg'hoobeena. Ya Khairal Margoobeena, Ya Khairal-Matloobeena Ya
Khairal-Mas'ooleena, Ya Khairal-Maqsoodeena, Ya Khairal-Mazkooreena, Ya Khairal-
Mashkooreena, Ya Khairal-Mahboobeena, Ya Khairal-Mad'ooveena, Ya Khairal-Moosta-

O' the best of those who are afraid! O' the best of those who are liked! O' the best of those
who are sought for! O' the best of those who are entreated! O' the best of those who are desired for, O' the best of those who are remembered! O' the best of those whom thanks are offered! O' the best of those who are loved! O' the best of those who are called for (help)! O' the best of those who are held in affection!

(40) For Forgiveness
Alla-Hoomma Inni As'aloka Be-lsmeka, Ya Ghafiro, Ya Satiro, Ya Qadiro, Ya Qahiro, Ya Fatiro, Ya Kasiro, Ya Jabiro, Ya Zakiro, Ya Naziro, Ya Nasiro.

O' Allah! Verily I entreat Thee in Thy name, O' the Forgiver! O' the Concealer (of defects)! O' the Mighty! O' the Supreme! O' the Creator! O' the Shatterer! O' the Joiner! O' the Rememberer! O' the Seeing! O' the Helper!

(41) For Cure of Sun Stroke
Ya Man Khalaqa Fosav-va, Ya Man Qad-dara Fahada, Ya Myn Yakshe-fool-balva, Ya Myn Yasma'oon Najva, Ya Myn Yoonqezool Gharqa, Ya Myn Yoonjil-Halka, Ya Myn Yashfil Marza Ya Man Azhaka Wa Abka, Ya Man Amata Wa Ahya Ya Man Khalaqaz-Zavjainaz-zakara Val-Oonsa:

O' the One! Who created and perfected, O' the One! Who made (everything) to measure and guided! O' the One! Who removeth the misfortunes (of His slaves). O' the One! who overheareth secret (talk). O' the Rescuer of the drowning! O' the One! Who! saveth the distressed! O' the One! Who restoreth to health the sick. O' the One! Who maketh (His slaves) laugh and weep, O' the One! Who Killeth and calleth to life O' the One! Who hath created pairs of male and female

(42) For Safeguard from Calamities
Ya Man Fil-Barre Val-Bahre Sabeelohoo Ya Man Fil-Afaqe Ayatohoo, Ya Man Fil-Ayate Boor-hanohoo. Ya Man Fil-Mamate Qoodratehoo Ya Man Fil-Qaboore 'Ibratohoo, Ya Man Fil-Qayamate Moolkahoo, Ya Man Fil-Hisabe Haibatahoo, Ya Man Fil-Meezane Qazaa'ohoo, Ya Man Fil-Jannate Savabohoo, Ya Man Finnare 'Iqabohoo:

O' the One! Whose course is on land and in water O' the One! Whose signs are in the
universe. O' the One! in Whose signs are undeviabla proofs, O' the One! Whose might is exhibited in causing death. O' the One! graves provide (people) His lesson O' the One! Whose kingdom will be on the Day of Judgement O' the One! in Whose reckoning of deeds) is His dread, O' the One! in (establishing) the Balance (of deeds) is H is order. O' the One! Whose paradise is the place of His good reward O' the One! Whose hell is the place of chastisement.

(43) For Benevolence from Wealthy Person
Ya Man Ilaihe Yahrebool Khaeefoona, Ya Man Ilaihe Yafra'ool Moozneboona, Ya Man
Ilaihe Yaqsodool Moniboona Ya Man Ilaihe Yarghabooz-za hedoona, Ya Man Ilaihe Yaljaool-Mootahyyaroona, Ya Man Behi Yastanisool-Moreedoona, Ya Man Behi Yaftakheroof-Mohibboona, Ya Man Fee 'Afvehi Yatma-'ool-Khate'oona, Ya Man Ilaihe Yaskonnol-Mooqenoona, Ya Man Ilaihe Yatavakkalool-Mootavak-keloona:

O' the One! the frightened flee to Him. O' the One! the sinners take shelter with Him. O' the One! the repentent return to Him. The One! towards whom pious incline. O' the One! the confounded seek shelter in Him. O' the One! The desirous have affection for Him. O' the One! The lovers are proud of Him. O' the One! the transgressors have agreed for His forgiveness. O' the one! those Who are Sure in faith receive consolation from Him. O' the One! those who trust Him rely on Him.

(44) For love
Alla-Hoomma Inni As'aloka Be-Ismeka, Ya Habibo, Ya Tabibo, Ya Qaribo, Ya Raqibo,
Ya Hasibo, Ya Moheebo' Ya Moseebo, Ya Mojeebo, Ya Khabiro, Ya Bashiro, sobhanaka:

O' Allah! Verily I entreat Thee in Thy name. O' Friend! O' the physician! O' the Near! O' the Supervisor! O' the Reckoner to account! O' the Awful! O' the Rewarder! O' the Acceptor! O' the Aware O' the All-Seeing.

(45) For Safety from Dreadful Dreams
Yaa Aqrabo Min KooIle Qaribin. Ya Ahabba Min Koolle Habibin, Ya Absara Min Koolle Baseerin Yaa Akhbara Min Koolle Khabirin, Ya Ashra-fa Min Koolle Sharifin, Yaa Arfa'a Min Koolle Rafi'in. Ya Aqva Min Koolle Qaviyin, Yaa Aghna Min Koolle Ghani-yin, Ya Ajvada Min Koolle Javadin. Yaa Ar'afa Min Koolle Ra'oofin:

O' the Nearest of all O' the friendliest of all the friends! O' the Possessor of greater insight than all others! O' the Most Aware of all! 0' the noblest of all the nobles! O' the most exalted of all the exalted! O' the Mightiest of all mighty! O' the Most Independent of all! O' the most Generous of all! O' the kindest of all those who are kind!

(46) For Cure from Infantile Paralysis 
Ya Ghaleban Ghaira Maghloobin, Ya Sane'an Ghaira Masnoo'in, Ya Khaleqan Ghaira Makhlooqin, Ya Malekan Ghaira Mamlookin, Ya Qahiran Ghaira Ma-qhoorin. Ya Rafe'an Ghaira Marfoo'in Ya Hafezan Ghaira Mahfoozin, Ya Nasiran Ghaira Mansoorin Ya Shahidan Ghaira Ghaa'ebin, Ya Qariban Ghaira Ba'eedin:

O' the Dominant who is not overpowered! 0' the Designer Who is not made! O' the Creator Who is not created! O' the Master and not the slave! O' the All-Dominant Who is not dominated! O' the Exalter and the exalted (No need of being Exalted by anyone! O' the Protector, Who needs no protection! O' the Helper Who needs no help! O' the witness Who is not absent! O' the Near Who is not distant!

(47) For Cure from Epilepsy
Ya Nooran-Noore, Ya Moonav-varil-Noore, Ya Khaleqan-Noore, Ya Moodab-beran-Noore, Ya Moqad-deran-Noore, Ya Noora Koolle Noorin, Ya Naoran Qabla Koolle Noorin, Ya Nooran Ba'da Koolle Noorin, Ya Nooran Favqa Koolle Noorin, Ya Nooran laisa Kamis-lehi Nooroon.

O' the light of lights! 0' the Illuminator of light! O' the Creator of light! O' the Planner of
light! O' the Estimater of light! O' the Light of all Lights! O' the Light that proceeds in existence every light! O' the light that will survive every lights! O' the Light that is above every light! O' the Light like of which there is no light!

(48) For Cure from Body Pain
Ya Man 'Ataa'ohoo Shareefoon. Ya Man Fay' lahoo Latifoon, Ya Man Lootfo-hoo Maqi-
moon Ya Man Ehsanohoo Qadimoon, Ya Man Qavlohoo Haqqoon, Ya Man Va'dohoo Sidqoon, Ya Man Afoohoo Fazloon, Ya Man Azabohoo, Adloon, Ya Man Zikrohoo Hoolvoon, Ya Man Fazlohoo 'Amimoon, Sobhanaka:

O' (Allah), Whose gift is noble! O' (Allah), Whose action is subtle! O' (Allah), Whose kindness is persistent! O' (Allah) , Whose beneficence is eternal! O' (Allah), Whose word is right! O' (Allah), Whose promise is true! O' (Allah), Whose forgiveness is a grace! O' (Allah), Whose chastisement is Justice! O' (Allah), Whose remembrance is sweet! O' (Allah), Whose grace is common (to all)!

(49) For Cure from Palpitation of Heart
Alla-Hoomma Inni As'aloka Be-Ismeka, Ya Moosah-hilo, Ya Moofas-silo, Ya Moobad-dilo, Ya Moozal-lilo, Ya Moonaz-zilo, Ya Noonavvilo, Ya Moofzilo, Ya Moojzilo, Ya Moomhilo, Ya Moojmilo:

O' Allah! Verily I entreat Thee in Thy name, O' the Facilitator! O' the Separator! O' the alterer! O' the Humiliater of the proud! O' the Degrader! O' the Benefactor! O' the munificent O' the Giver of respite (to the sinner)! O' the Virtuous!

(50) For Increase of Eye Sight
Ya Mny Yara Wa La Yoora, Ya Myn-Yakhloqo Wa La Yookhlaqo, Ya Myn-Yahdi Wa La Yoohda Ya Myn-Yohyi Wa La Yohya. Ya Myn-Yas'alo Wa La Yoos'al Ya Myn-Yoat'amo Wa La Yoot-'amo, Ya Myn-Yojeero Wa La Yoojaro 'Alaihe, Ya Myn-Yaqze-ya Wa La Yooqza, Alaihe, Ya Myn-Yahkomo Wa la Yohkamo ' Alaihe, Ya Mal-Iam Yalid Wa lam Yoolad Wa lam Yakool-lahoo Kofovan Ahad:

O' (Allah), who sees but is not seen! O' (Allah) who creates and not created one! O' (Allah). Who guides and not guided by anyone! O' (Allah), Who receives to life and is not brought to life! O' (Allah). Who questions and not questioned! O' (Allah), who feeds and does not eat! O' (Allah), Who give protection and is not in need of protection! O' (Allah), Who judges and no judgement is passed against Him! O' (Allah), commands but not commanded by anyone! O' (Allah), Who begeteth not, nor He is begotten, and there is none like unto Him.

(51) For Safeguard from Wickedness of Enemy
Ya Ne'mal-Haseebo, Ya Ne'mat-tabeebo, Ya Ne'mar-Raqibo, Ya Ne'mal-Qaribo, Ya Ne'mal Mojeebo, Ya Ne'mal-Habibo, Ya Ne'mal Kafeel, Ya Ne'mal-Vakeel, Ya Ne'mal-Mavla Ya Ne'man-Naseero Sobhanaka:

O' the Best reckoner! O' the Best Physician! O' the Best Guardian! O' the Best Near One! O' the Best Responser! O' the Best Friend! O' the Best Surety! O' the Best Protector! O' the Best Master! O' the Best Helper!

(52) For Removal of Poverty
Ya Sorooral 'A-refeena Ya Monal Mohibbeena Ya Anisool-Mooreedeena Ya Habiboot- Tavvabeena, Ya Razeqal Mokelena, Ya Ra- jaa al-Moozne-beena, Ya Qoor-rata 'Ainil 'Abedeena, Ya Moonaffesa 'Anil-Makroobeena, Ya Mofarreja 'Anil-Maghmoomeena, Ya Illahal-Av-valeena Val Akhereena:

O' the Joy of saints! O' the Desire of friends! O' the Friend of seekers! O' the Friend of penitents! O' the Provider of sustenance to the poor! O' the Hope of the sinner! O' the Coolness (light) of the eyes of worshipper! O' the Remover of pain of the sufferers! O' the Dispeller of sorrows of the sorrowfull! O' Allah of the first and the last generation!

(53) For Love
Alla-hooma Inni As'aloka, Be-Ismeka, Ya Rabbana,Ya Ilahana, Ya Sayyedana. Ya
Movlana Ya Nasirana, Ya Hafizana, Ya Daleelana, Ya Mo'eenana, Ya Habibana, Ya

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